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BUSI 3603: Employment & Labor Relations

Course will provide a comprehensive introduction to employment and labor regulations. Consideration will be given to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees throughout the employment relationship. Topics to be discussed will incude the


This guide is meant to help you find library and web resources related to Employment and Labor Relations including company profiles, articles/journals, books/ebooks, multimedia, web links, and information on APA format and citation.  If you have questions about how to use this guide or comments about the guide, please email the librarian listed on this page. 

Business Administration

Business Administration



Linda McKinley-Grider, MPS, Program Coordinator
Center for Entrepreneurship
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Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Business is to prepare students for employment in business, accounting, and computer information systems; to pursue career paths of increasing professional and managerial responsibility; to apply to graduate programs in business, accounting or other professional schools; and to sit for various professional certifications. Consistent with the historical mission of Lindsey Wilson College as a teaching institution, the School of Business is committed to the growth and development of students through classroom instruction and through the fostering of an appreciation for lifelong learning.