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Human Services and Counseling

Choosing a Topic

Whether you a given a list of topics to choose from or selecting a topic of choice, your selection is incredibly important.  For instance, if you select a topic that does not interest you or that is too broad or narrow, it will impact the finished product of your work.  Below are some strategies to utilize when deciding on a topic and some websites that contain topic lists for your particular area(s) of study.

  • Brainstorm
  • Select a topic that will have enough supporting information
  • Select a topic that will be manageable (i.e. not too broad or narrow)
  • Use keywords and synonyms effectively
  • Remember that topics with research must be malleable (subject to change throughout the research process)
  • Define your topic
  • State the context of your topic (Remember that the same topic when applied to different subject areas have different meanings
  • Understand your topic (Do reference research to ensure you know a little about what you are writing about before beginning the research process)
  • Use your topic to generate a thesis statement

Topics in Human Services

Topics in Human Services and Counseling

Abnormal psychology Ethics & Multicultural diversity Life span development Rehabilitation counseling
Assertiveness training Family counseling Marriage & Family Rural mental health issues
Child & Adolescent intervention Gender studies play therapy Marriage counseling Sex counseling
Counseling theory Gerontological interventions Mass media in counseling Short-term counseling
Cross-Cultural counseling Group counseling Mental health administration Substance abuse
Cultural diversity Group counseling Mentoring Vocational guidance
Divorce counseling Health counseling Motivational interviewing  
Drug Abuse counseling Human sexuality Peer counseling  
Educational counseling Humanistic counseling Philosophical counseling