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KML Boards and Displays: Info Fair 2018: Around the World

A brief introduction of the materials used in boards and displays from our on campus library

Around the World of LWC 2018

Our Information Fair t-shirt design, a green shirt with a blue and white hot  air balloon.  The balloon in the image of  a world globe. The text reads #LWCWORLD

OUr mascot Blue Raider Bob in our hot air balloon constructed out of paper and cardboard with a rainbow balloon top, behind is a background mimicking the sky

Pin the Place! #LWCWORLD

A display on a kentucky map, US Map and a World map showing students where everyone is from. Yellow Border with green background.  Each student uses a pin to pinpoint where they are from.

Close up shot of pins stuck in one of the maps on the board display. Multicolored pins on each location.