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KML Boards and Displays: Happy Holidays 2018

A brief introduction of the materials used in boards and displays from our on campus library

Books for Holidays 2018

Boards and Display Holidays 2018

Display with 3D snowflakes and the lyrics "Let  it Snow" in different shades of blue on a black background

Lego Christmas Village with an operational train and a sign that reads" Happy Holidays"

Felt Christmas character village. Santa, Mice, elves, Carolers

Frosty Tree. Frosty top hat on a green Christmas tree with snowflake ornaments

Holiday board with various holiday tradtions from different parts of the world such as the legend of the Christmas pickle, Krampus & more

Primary colors Christmas tree with a glowing star on top and a small teddy bear tucked in the middle.

White frosted Christmas tree with purple decorations outside the inter-library loan office

Stranger Things themed tree with green and red paper chains around a white tree outside the Government Documents office