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American Literature in Credo: START HERE

Off-campus Access to Library Databases

1. Go to myLWC at

2. Enter your Lindsey email address and password

3. Click on the box heading, "Academic Resources"


  If you do not see the "Academic Resources" link, do the following:

            A. Click your photo in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
            B. Select and click, "Extensions" from the drop down window.
            C. Toggle "Academic Resources" to the "ON" position.
            D. Scroll to bottom of page and save.

4. Click on the link, "Library Resources," in the Academic Resources Box.
    This will take you to the library webpage and authenticate your login. 
*All library databases must be accessed from library webpage*

5. Scroll down the library webpage to find links to the resources you need.

Off-campus Library Access Tutorial