• AIS 4903 - Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar: Evaluate Online Sources

    For students taking AIS 4903

    There is lots of information out there nowadays, but how do we know what is good information versus bad? Let's make sure that those sources you use for your assignments are reliable and credible. There are many sources out there claiming to the real information when, really, they aren't. To make sure they are not "crappy," let's apply the CRAAPO test!

    CRAAPO Test

    Need help remembering what to look for? Think CRAAPO! CRAAPO is an acronym and by breaking it down, you'll see how you can find relevant resources for your needs every time.

    C Currency How recent was the information published?
    Has it been updated or revised recently?
    Are the links functional?
    R Relevancy Is the content related to your topic?
    Is it at an appropriate reading level?
    Who is the audience?
    Would you be comfortable using this source?
    A Authority Who is the author, publisher, source, and/or sponsor?
    What are author's credentials?
    Can you contact someone about the source?
    What does the URL reveal (.org, .gov, .edu, .com, .net, etc.)?
    A Accuracy
    Are there any spelling or grammar errors?
    Is it unbiased or free of emotion?
    Is there any supporting evidence (e.g., citations)?
    Can you verify the information from another source?
    Has it been reviewed or refereed?
    P Purpose What is the purpose of the source (teach, inform, entertain, persuade, etc.)?
    Are the source's intentions clear?
    Can you tell if the source is a fact, an opinion, or propaganda?
    Are there any ideological, cultural, political, institutional, religious, or personal biases?
    Is the point of view objective and impartial?
    O Objectivity

    Is your source factual?

    Is it from a reputable source?

    Does it have supportive resources (links, bibliographies, etc.) that help support what is being presented?

    Citation: Blakeslee, Sarah (2004) "The CRAAP Test," LOEX Quarterly: Vol. 31 : No. 3 , Article 4. Available at: https://commons.emich.edu/loexquarterly/vol31/iss3/4.

    Test Your Understanding

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