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  • Library of Congress Classification: Subject headings

    Learn about the classification system the Lindsey Wilson library uses!

    A | General Information

    General Information covers these topics:

    • Collections, Series, and Collected works
    • Encyclopedias
    • Dictionaries, and Other general reference works
    • Indexes
    • Museums, Collectors, and Collecting
    • Newspapers
    • Periodicals
    • Academies, and Learned societies
    • Yearbooks, Almanacs, and Directories
    • History of Scholarship and Learning, and The Humanities

    Subclass information: LOC Class A document.

    B | Religion and Philosophy

    Religion and Philosophy cover these topics:

    • Philosophy
    • Logic
    • Speculative philosophy
    • Psychology
    • Aesthetics
    • Ethics
    • Religions, Mythology, and Rationalism
    • Judaism
    • Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy, and other religions
    • Buddhism
    • Christianity
    • Doctrinal theology
    • Practical theology
    • Christian denominations

    Subclass information: LOC Class B document.

    C | Auxiliary Sciences of History

    Auxiliary Sciences of History covers these topics:

    • History of civilization
    • Archaeology
    • Diplomatics, Archives, and Seals
      • aka Record-keeping
    • Technical chronology and Calendars
      • aka Time
    • Numismatics
      • aka Money and Currency
    • Inscriptions, and Epigraphy
      • aka Iconography
    • Heraldry (i.e. Coat of arms, Family crests)
      • Think of it like the Game of Thrones Houses
    • Genealogy
      • aka Your family's history
    • Biography

    Subclass Information: LOC Class C document.

    D | World History

    World History covers these topics:

    • General History
    • Great Britain
    • Central Europe
    • Austria, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Czechoslovakia
    • France, Andorra, Monaco
    • Germany
    • Greco-Roman World
    • Greece
    • Italy, Malta
    • Low / Benelux Countries
      • These are simply Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (BeNeLux). The region is referred to as the Low Countries because it is a coastal lowland in Northwest Europe where three major rivers meet up.
    • The Netherlands / Holland
    • General Eastern Europe
    • Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics, Poland
    • Northern Europe, Scandinavia
    • Spain, Portugal
    • Switzerland
    • Balkan Peninsula
      • This is Southeastern Europe, so you will find countries like Greece, Romania, and the western (or European) part of Turkey.
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Oceania / South Seas
      • Australia and New Zealand are countries in this category. This also includes countries in the South Pacific and the history of Hawai'i.
    • Romanies
      • They originate from the northern part of India. They are known for being nomadic travelers throughout Europe.

    Subclass information: LOC Class D document.

    E | American History

    This is the first of two categories covering the history of the Americas and the United States. Topics are below:

    • America
      • This includes the indigenous people of North America and pre-Columbian America.
    • United States
      • This covers the Colonial period up to Present Day.

    Subclass information: LOC Classes E and F document.

    F | American History

    This is the second of two categories covering the history of the Americas and the United States. Topics are below:

    • United States Local History
      • There is a category for each region and state. For example, Kentucky is under F446-F460.
    • British America
      • This includes Canada and Dutch America, or places like Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands.
    • French America
      • An example topic is Louisiana before the US purchased it in 1803.
    • Latin America, Spanish America
      • Topics include Central America, South America, and the southern Caribbean Islands.

    Subclass information: LOC Classes E and F document.

    G | Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation

    Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation cover these topics:

    • General Geography, Maps, Atlases
    • Mathematical geography, Cartography
    • Physical geography
    • Oceanography
    • Environmental sciences
    • Human ecology, Anthropogeography
    • Anthropology
    • Folklore
    • General Manners and customs
    • Recreation, Leisure

    Subclass information: LOC Class G document.

    H | Social Sciences

    Social Sciences cover these topics:

    • General Social Sciences
    • Statistics
    • Economic theory, Demography
    • Economic history and conditions
    • Industries, Land use, Labor
    • Transportation and communications
    • Commerce
    • Finance
    • Public finance
    • General Sociology
    • Social history and conditions, Social problems, Social reform
    • Family, Marriage, Women
    • Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc.
      • Topics include Freemasons, Boy Scouts
    • Communities, Classes, Races
    • Social pathology, Social welfare, Criminology
    • Socialism, Communism, Anarchism

    Subclass information: LOC Class H document.

    J | Political Sciences

    Political Sciences cover these topics:

    • General legislative and executive papers
    • General Political Science
    • Political Theory
    • Political institutions and Public administration in these areas:
      • General
      • The US
      • Canada
      • Latin America
      • Europe
      • Asia
      • Africa
      • Australia
      • Pacific region
      • And more!
    • Local government, Municipal government
    • Colonies and colonization, Emigration and immigration, International migration
    • International relations

    Subclass information: LOC Class J document.

    K | Law

    Law covers the following topics:

    • General Law, Comparative and uniform law, Jurisprudence
      • Jurisprudence is the theory of law.
    • General Religious Law, Comparative religious law, Jurisprudence
    • Jewish law
    • Islamic law
    • History of Canon law
      • Laws for a Christian church or organization.
    • Law of the Roman Catholic Church, The Holy See
    • United Kingdom and Ireland
    • America, North America
    • Canada
    • United States
    • Latin America
    • Mexico and Central America
    • West Indies
    • Caribbean area
    • Europe
    • Asia and Eurasia
    • Africa
    • Pacific region
    • Antarctica
    • Law of nations

    Subclass information: LOC Class K document.

    L | Education

    Education covers these topics:

    • General Education
    • History of Education
    • Theory and Practice of Education
    • Special Aspects of Education
    • Individual institutions in these areas:
      • The US
      • North and South America *excluding the US*
      • Europe
      • Asia
      • Africa
      • Indian Ocean Islands
      • Australia
      • New Zealand
      • The Pacific Islands
    • College and school magazines and newspapers
    • Student fraternities and societies in the US
    • Textbooks

    Subclass information: LOC Class L document.

    M | Music

    Music covers these topics:

    • General Music
    • Literature on music
    • Instruction and Study

    Subclass information: LOC Class M document.

    N | Fine Arts

    Fine Arts cover these topics:

    • Visual arts
    • Architecture
    • Sculpture
    • Drawing, Design, Illustration
    • Painting
    • Print media
    • Decorative arts
    • General Arts

    Subclass information: LOC Class N document.

    P | Languages & Literature

    Languages and Literature cover these topics:

    • Philology, Linguistics
    • Greek and Latin languages and literatures
    • Modern languages, Celtic languages
    • Romance languages
    • Germanic and Scandinavian languages
    • English language
    • West Germanic languages
      • Topics include English, German, Dutch, and Yiddish.
    • Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian languages
    • Uralic and Basque languages
      • Uralic languages are based in northern Eurasia.
      • Basque is an indigenous language still spoken in a small part of northern Spain and southwestern France.
    • Oriental languages and literatures
    • Indo-Iranian languages and literatures
    • Eastern Asia, Africa, and Oceania languages and literatures
    • Hyperborean, Indian, and Artificial languages
      • Hyperborean generally categorizes languages spoken in Arctic regions.
      • Artificial languages are how computers speak in a controlled environment.
    • General Literature
    • Romance language literatures
      • French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
    • English literature
    • American literature
    • Literature from the following cultures:
      • German
      • Dutch
      • Flemish from 1830-Present
      • Afrikaans
      • Scandinavian
      • Old Norse
      • Old Icelandic
      • Old Norwegian
      • Modern Icelandic
      • Faroese
      • Danish
      • Norwegian
      • Swedish
    • Fiction
      • Adult, Young adult, and Juvenile

    Subclass information: LOC Class P document.

    Q | Science

    Science covers these topics:

    • General Science
    • Mathematics
    • Astronomy
    • Physics
      • Topics includes Electricity, Meteorology, Sound, and Heat
    • Chemistry
    • Geology
    • Natural history, Biology
    • Botany
    • Zoology
    • Human anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Microbiology

    Subclass information: LOC Class Q document.

    R | Medicine

    Medicine covers these topics:

    • General Medicine
    • Public aspects of medicine
    • Pathology
      • Disease and illness
    • Internal medicine
    • Surgery
    • Ophthalmology
      • Eye
    • Otorhinolaryngology
      • Ear, nose, throat (ENT)
    • Gynecology and obstetrics
    • Pediatrics
    • Dentistry
    • Dermatology
      • Skin
    • Therapeutics, Pharmacology
    • Pharmacy and materia medica (history of pharmacy)
    • Nursing
    • Botanical, Thomsonian, and Eclectic medicine
      • Alternative medicines using plants to treat illness, disease, and injury.
    • Homeopathy
    • Other systems of medicine

    Subclass information: LOC Class R document.

    S | Agriculture

    Agriculture covers these topics:

    • General Agriculture
    • Plant culture
    • Forestry
    • Animal culture
    • Aquaculture, Fisheries, Angling
    • Hunting sports

    Subclass information: LOC Class S document.

    T | Technology

    Technology covers these topics:

    • General Technology
    • General Engineering, Civil engineering
    • Hydraulic engineering, Ocean engineering
    • Environmental technology, Sanitary engineering
    • Highway engineering, Roads and pavements
    • Railroad engineering and operation
    • Bridge engineering
    • Building construction
    • Mechanical engineering and machinery
    • Electrical engineering, Electronics, Nuclear engineering
    • Motor vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics
    • Chemical technology
    • Photography
    • Manufactures
    • Handicrafts, Arts and crafts
    • Home economics
      • Topics include cooking

    Subclass information: LOC Class T document.

    U | Military Science

    Military science includes these topics:

    • General Military science
    • Armies: Organization, distributions, military situation
    • Military administration
    • Maintenance and transportation
    • Infantry
    • Cavalry, Armor
    • Artillery
    • Military engineering, Air forces
    • Other services

    Subclass information: LOC Class U document.

    V | Naval Science

    Naval science includes these topics:

    • General Naval science
    • Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
    • Naval administration
    • Naval maintenance
    • Naval seamen
    • Marines
    • Naval ordnance
    • Minor services of navies
    • Navigation, Merchant marine
    • Naval architecture, Shipbuilding, Marine engineering

    Subclass information: LOC Class V document.

    Z | Bibliography, Library Science, & Information Resources (general)

    Information resources (general) cover these topics:

    • General Books
    • Writing
    • Paleography
    • Book industries and trade
    • Libraries
    • Bibliography
    • General Information resources

    Subclass information: LOC Class Z document.