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  • How to Avoid Plagiarism: Paying For Plagiarism

    Bad idea. Don't plagiarize, ever.

    It's Still Cheating

    Assignments may not always be easy, and you may also be juggling jobs, family, bills, life changes, and more. In times of stress, it could be easy to lighten your load by reaching out to services that promise to complete your homework for you. Don't fall for their promises though.

    These services may seem like a great solution, especially if you have other commitments. However, just because you did not plagiarize in writing the article, you are still passing someone's work off for your own. You can get in serious trouble with your professors and the administration if you are caught submitting work that you did not create. 

    These sites often claim that they are plagiarism free, that you will not get caught, and that they only produce original content. Still, assume that a website that is centered on cheating will just as likely cheat you.

    Homework/Essay Mills often:

    • Do not correctly use information required to complete an essay
    • Produce content that is not up to course/college standards
    • Cite incorrect material (listing sources that don't exist, etc.)
    • Copy from previously used essays, books, articles, etc.
    • Use your provided information against you in order to get more cash
    • Fail to deliver content

    It can seem like an easy temptation to pay for one paper just once, but doing so could create consequences that will haunt you for some time. Remember, college is an investment in your future. Be smart. If you're dealing with a lot on your plate, talk to your professor about your situation and figure out potential solutions. You can also view Lindsey Wilson's Mental Health Resources if you'd like to speak with a counselor or Email Ben Martin if you're in need of potential academic accommodations. 



    As technology grows and changes over time, so do methods of plagiarism and cheating. Using any version of AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to submit an essay/assignment/etc. when not explicitly told to do so could result in similar punishment to other forms of plagiarism. While it can be debated whether AI content is plagiarized, if you outsource an essay and submit it as your own it is an act of plagiarism. AI has not had the classroom experience that you have had, and may return incomplete, incoherent, or unrelated material. It also cannot properly conduct experiments, surveys, draft work, and other complex tasks that require a multi-step process. As professors and other faculty become more aware of the issue, you are more likely to get caught as AI use expands. College is a costly investment in your future. Be sure that you are the one doing the learning so that you can continue to achieve further down the line. 


    A copy of the Mona Lisa generated by's Text to Image AI and "Mona Lisa, Louvre, Paris" by Songkran licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. While they are technically the same image, AI can often leave information semi-recognizable but distorted and uncanny.