• *Library Resources: Tech Checkouts

    A comprehensive guide of all the resources the KML offers.

    The library offers a variety of technology to assist you with your needs here at Lindsey Wilson.

    Items in our collection include:

    • Laptops
    • DVD/VHS Player
    • Projectors
    • Media Carts (Laptop, Projector, and Screen (available upon request)
    • Webcams

    Laptops check out for two weeks. The other options can be taken out for up to 3 weeks, but please let the library know about any scheduling conflicts or needs. They may be able to assist if you need the tech for longer.

    Laptop Checkouts

    Laptops are available at the front desk for checkout. There is a limited number of computers available so try to plan in advance for when you will need one if at all possible. Checkouts are for two weeks, but can be renewed over the phone, email, or in person. You will need to fill out a brief form with your contact information and sign a consent form before the laptop will be released to you.

    When you return the laptop, please let us know if there were any malfunctions or repairs that need to be made to the computer. This will prevent us from checking out a faulty laptop to the next patron that uses it. In addition, please be responsible with the equipment and avoid eating and drinking when using the laptop. Also, be sure that it is in a secure place and is not dropped, thrown, or mishandled. This can result in screen cracks and other heavy damage to the product. You may potentially be charged for damages if staff finds the laptop has noticeable issues resulting from lack of care. Failure to return the laptop at the proper time and without notice of renewal could potentially lead to a hold on your LWC accounts and prevent graduation. Please ensure that all technology is returned by the end of the semester. (Note: Laptops are available during Summer and Winter semester, but only to students enrolled in classes during that time. Show us proof of class registration, and you will be able to check out a laptop). Heavy offenses like extreme damage, ignoring contact attempts, and other misuse of library materials could lead to a possible ban from technology checkouts in the future. 




    For more information concerning technology checkouts, contact:

    Hunter Rogers




    Forget your earbuds? Not a problem. The library offers headphones to users free of charge. Go to the front desk and request a pair. You'll give the worker your student ID, which they'll hold onto as long as the headphones are in use. Once you're done, bring the headphones back to the front desk and collect your ID.