• *Library Resources: Spaces

    A comprehensive guide of all the resources the KML offers.

    How to Reserve a Room

    Conference Room

    The Conference Room plays host to a large number of events, from daytime classes to sports teams. While it is free to use when it is not booked (Be sure to return the room to how you found it!), only faculty, staff, and clubs can register reservations for the Conference Room. Equipped with plenty of seating, a countertop and sink, and a TV, the Conference Room is an excellent place to host meetings and much more!

    Instructional Lab

    The Instructional Lab hosts classes and courses, with precedence given to library instruction. There are 24 computer monitors, as well as an instructor station with a TV. When the Instruction Lab is not in use (as indicated by any reservations on the whiteboard outside), students may use it for course work or other school related research. The Instruction Lab is only open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm. 

    Thomas D. Clark Reading Room

    The Thomas D. Clark Reading Room houses many special collections including our Kentucky section and the Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Betty Jean Moseley Library of Presidential Biographies and Writings. Many organizations and classes love to host meetings, public events, movie viewings, and more in this cozy space with lots of comfortable seating. This room can be reserved by students depending on their needs. 

    Study Rooms

    The Study Rooms are great for working on group projects or when you need a little extra quiet in trying to get work done. Our 3 study rooms come equipped with a whiteboard, tables, and chairs. Markers may be obtained from the front desk for use in the rooms. As long as study rooms are not reserved or otherwise occupied, students may use them to their leisure. However, students may chose to reserve a study room at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that the space will be free for their use. 

    Juvenile and Curriculum Room

    The Curriculum Room offers a variety of youth books, from Young Adult novels to wordless picture books, alongside toys, games, and teaching aides available for check-out. Though it was established for use by Education majors, all students are free to use the space and resources within. The Curriculum Room is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm.