• Evaluating Sources: 5Ws

    Steer clear of bad information with the 5Ws!

    5Ws Test

    The 5Ws can help clear up confusion when trying to find trustworthy sources. Just remember to ask these questions while looking for credible information!


    Who wrote it?

    Are they an expert?

    Can you find more information on the author?


    What is the purpose of this resource?

    What information is included-or excluded?


    Where was this published?

    Where does the information come from?

    When was this published or last updated?

    Why is this resource useful?

    Why is this resource better than other ones?

    Why should you use the information here?

    Citation: Sarah Kantor. "Flushing the CRAAP Test.pdf" Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group (AABIG) (2018)
    Available at: http://works.bepress.com/sarah-kantor/2/