• Evaluating Sources: Start Here

    Steer clear of bad information with the 5Ws!

    There is lots of information out there nowadays, but how do we know what is good information versus bad? Let's make sure that those sources you either use for your assignments or share with others online are reliable and credible.

    There are many sources out there claiming to the real information when, really, they aren't. What we try to teach you here is how to be media literate, how to evaluate things you see and find online and through other media sources. In today's society, it is very easy to create and share information, and it is also very easy to share potentially misleading information likes fake news. The point of this page is to make you aware of this topic and help spread accurate information rather than inaccurate information.

    The Laws of Information Literacy

    Did you know Information Literacy is a human right? See what aspects make up Information Literacy laws below:

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