• Peer-Reviewed Sources: Tutorial

    Need peer-review sources? This guide can help!

    How do I find peer-reviewed sources?

    Follow this example for finding peer-reviewed sources in EBSCOhost.

    Use the arrows on either side of the images below to flip through the following steps.

    Step 1: Access the databases

    EITHER search for "Lindsey Wilson databases" in Google OR go to www.lindsey.edu/library and select A-Z Databases from the Library Collections menu.

    Step 2: Log into EBSCOhost

    Search for EBSCOhost in the search bar. Select EBSCOhost from the search listing.

    Step 3A: Logging into EBSCO

    You may see a blue login screen open in a new browser tab. EBSCOhost requires every LWC student, faculty, and staff to sign in with their myLWC email and password because this resource is only available to those affiliated with LWC. [Fact: Your tuition allows us to provide this resource to you.]

    STUDENTS: Your email is firstname.lastname@lindsey.edu.

    FACULTY / STAFF: Your email is LastNameFirstInitial@lindsey.edu.

    Step 3B: Access EBSCOhost

    After you log in, EBSCOhost will ask you a couple questions so it knows where to search for your stuff.

    On this first page, select EBSCOhost Web [the first option].

    Step 3C: Select search options

    Imagine EBSCOhost as an Amazon interface. Each individual database in EBSCOhost is like an Amazon shop. We can search in EITHER all of them OR a selection of databases. On this page, EITHER select all databases OR select the subject-specific database(s) you need.

    Step 4: Begin your search

    Enter your keywords in the search bar and select Search.

    Step 5: Filter results

    On the results page, search filters are found on the far left. Under Limit To, select Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. All search entries considered peer-reviewed will appear. Continue manipulating all the filters to find the search results you specifically need.