• Peer-Reviewed Sources: Peer-Reviewed Databases

    Need peer-review sources? This guide can help!

    EBSCO Databases

    treeConsider EBSCOhost like a tree. Trees have collections of individual branches that comprise it. EBSCOhost contains a collection of individual databases that covered either all subjects (e.g. Academic Search Complete) or a selection of subjects (e.g. CINAHL is for nursing and health sciences). Using EBSCOhost, we can either search in [1] one specific database, [2] a selection of databases, or [3] the entire collection of databases.

    Follow our tutorial below for how to access and search in EBSCOhost from both on- and off-campus.

    Where can I find peer-reviewed sources?

    This is a small sampling of where you can find peer-reviewed resources.

    TIP: EBSCOhost and ProQuest each have a special search filter for scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles. However, JSTOR contains mainly peer-reviewed sources, so there is no special search filter in this database.

    Open Access Journals - a newer peer-reviewed source

    Open access journals (OAJs) are journals that are freely available on the internet. You don't need a special membership or subscription to access the research available in them. OAJs are usually peer-reviewed, so they are also a great spot to find peer-reviewed sources

    The Directory of Open Access Journals is a free, online database available to connect you with over 300 open access journals from around the world and in many subjects.

    Here are some examples of subject-specific open access journals that you can use for your research!

    Need one in a subject not listed here? Email the library for assistance!