• Education: Kentucky Books and Authors

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    Kentucky Books and Authors

    The Twelve Days of Christmas in Kentucky by Evelyn B. Christensen, Kent Culotta (Illustrator)

    Call Number: PZ 7 .C47574 Twk 2016

    ISBN: 9781454919599

    Publication Date: 2016-10-04

    The Queen of Kentucky by Alecia Whitaker

    Call Number: PZ 7 .W57684 Que 2011

    ISBN: 9780316125062

    Publication Date: 2012-01-02

    Woody, the Kentucky wiener: a new home by Leigh Anne Florence

    Call Number: PZ 7 .F56765 New 2005

    ISBN: 9780974141725

    Publication Date: 2005

    Kentucky by Scott Ingram, Peter Jaffe, Miriam Pollock

    Call Number: LT F 451.3 I54 2002

    ISBN: 0836851358

    Publication Date: 2002-07-04

    Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch by Alice Hegan Rice

    Call Number: E-books

    ISBN: 9780813158211

    Publication Date: 2015-01-13

    Tadpole by Ruth White

    Call Number: PZ 7 .W58446 Tad 2003

    ISBN: 0374310025

    Publication Date: 2003-03-11

    Red Mule by Jesse H. Stuart

    Call Number: PZ7 .S937 Re 1

    ISBN: 9780945084341

    Publication Date: 1993-06-01

    Reunion in Kentucky by Wanda Luttrell

    Call Number: PZ7.L97954 Re 1995

    ISBN: 0781402360

    Publication Date: 1995-02-01

    Music from a Place Called Half Moon by Jerrie Oughton

    Call Number: PZ 7 .O897 Mu 1995

    ISBN: 0395707374

    Publication Date: 1995-04-24

    Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

    Call Number: PZ 7 .G88132 Mas 2012

    ISBN: 9780062107794

    Publication Date: 2012-04-24

    Know Kentucky Social Studies Textbook

    Call Number: LT F 451.3 .H6 1

    ISBN: 0030130336

    Publication Date: 1986-11-01

    Daniel Boone : wilderness trailblazer by Miriam E. Mason

    Call Number: LT F454.B6 M37 1961 1

    Publication Date: 1961

    B Is for Bluegrass by Mary Ann McCabe Riehle; Wes Burgiss (Illustrator)

    Call Number: LT F 451.3 .R54 2002

    ISBN: 9781585360567

    Publication Date: 2002-11-12

    Saving Wonder by Mary Knight

    Call Number: PZ 7.1 .K66 Sav 2016

    ISBN: 9780545828932

    Publication Date: 2016-02-23

    Borrowed Children by George Ella Lyon

    Call Number: PZ7.L9954 Bo 1999

    ISBN: 0813109728

    Publication Date: 1999-09-23

    Jack and the Wonder Beans by James Still; Margot Tomes (Illustrator)

    Call Number: PZ8.S65 Jac 1996 1

    ISBN: 0813117356

    Publication Date: 1996-02-15

    Auction! Tres Seymour; Cat Bowman Smith (Illustrator)

    Call Number: PZ 7 .S523 Au 2005

    ISBN: 0763612421

    Publication Date: 2005-04-12

    Same Sun Here by Silas House; Neela Vaswani; Hilary Schenker (Illustrator)

    Call Number: PZ 7 .H81558 Sam 2013

    ISBN: 9780763664510

    Publication Date: 2013-08-06

    Eli the Good by Silas House

    Call Number: PZ 7 .H81558 Eli 2009

    ISBN: 9780763643416

    Publication Date: 2009-09-22

    Books by Billy C. Clark

    Goodbye Kate

    Illustrated by: Harold Eldridge; Introduced by: Jerry A. Herndon

    Call Number: PZ7 .C535 Go 1

    ISBN: 9780945084419

    Publication Date: 1994-09-01

    The Champion of Sourwood Mountain

    Illustrated by Harold Eldridge

    Call Number: PZ7 .C535 Ch 1

    ISBN: 9781931672191

    Publication Date: 2003-08-01

    Mooneyed Hound

    Editors: James M. Gifford & Patricia A. Hall

    Call Number: PZ7 .C535 Mo 1995

    ISBN: 0945084498

    Publication Date: 1995-06-01

    Trail of the Hunter's Horn

    Illustrated by: Jim Marsh

    Editors: James M. Gifford & Patricia A. Hall

    Call Number: PZ7 .C535 Tr 1995 1

    ISBN: 094508448X

    Publication Date: 1995-06-01

    Useless Dog

    Illustrated by Jim Marsh

    Call Number: PZ7 .C535 Us 1996 1

    ISBN: 0945084579

    Publication Date: 1996-07-01