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  • Political Science: Topic Resources

    Additional Resources


    1. National Association of Counties - Representation of county governments to Congress.
    2. Local Government Commission - Focuses on civic engagement with environmental, social and economic priorities.
    3. US Conference of Mayors - "Official non-partisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more."
    4. National League of Cities - "An organization comprised of city, town and village leaders that are focused on improving the quality of life for their current and future constituents."


    1. State and Local Finance Initiative - "The initiative equips policymakers, citizens, and the media with tools to understand and address the fiscal challenges and opportunities facing state and local governments. The State and Local Finance Initiative provides current, reliable, and unbiased research, data, and analysis. The initiative integrates knowledge across policy domains and government levels to give decision makers the best possible information to navigate among competing options and understand tradeoffs."
    2. National Governors Association - A bipartisan organization of the nation’s governors—promoting visionary state leadership, sharing best practices and speaking with a collective voice on national policy.
    3. National Conference of State Legislatures - "Represents the legislatures in the states, territories and commonwealths of the U.S." Also represents state legislatures when dealing with the federal government.
    4. Council of State Governments - "The nation’s largest nonpartisan organization serving all three branches of state elected and appointed officials."
    5. Governing - "Provides news, analysis and insights for the professionals leading America’s states and localities."
    6. State Agency Databases Project - Listing of databases available from each state government. 
    7. StateMaster - "A unique statistical database which allows you to research and compare a multitude of different data on US states."


    1. Presidential Libraries
    2. The White House
    3. Compilation of Presidential Documents
    4. Presidential Vetoes
    5. Search listing for "Public Papers of the Presidents"
    6. Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders
    7. American Presidency Project
    8. Listing of all US Presidents from the Miller Center at the University of Virginia
    9. Federal Register - Daily journal of the US government


    1. US Court Finder - search by zip code or city, state.
    2. US Courts - sorted by district


    1. National Center for State Courts


    1. US Supreme Court
    2. US Federal Courts
    3. Public Access to Court Electronic Records - US Courts
    4. Legal Information Institute - Supreme Court Collection. *Open Access information.*
    5. Legal Information Institute at Cornell University
      1. CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)
      2. US Constitution
      3. US Code
    6. Supreme Court Database - From Washington University
    7. Court Listener - "CourtListener is a free legal research website containing millions of legal opinions from federal and state courts."
    8. Justia Dockets and Filings - Search federal court cases here.


    1. My Congressional District
      1. County Business Patterns
      2. The American Community Survey
    2. The Redistricting Game


    1. National Conference of State Legislatures
    2. State Legislative Websites Directory
    3. OpenStates - Learn who your state representatives are.
    4. StateMaster


    1. US House of Representatives
    2. US Senate
    3. US Congress
    4. Congressional Budget Office
    5. Statement of Disbursements - Quarterly report of all receipts and expenditures of the US House of Representatives.
    6. Report to the Secretary of State
    7. GovTrack - "helps Americans understand what's going on in their national legislature."
    8. Directory of all US House Representatives
    9. Directory of all US Senators
    10. Vote Smart - Learn how your representatives voted in Congress on various issues and how they compare to their campaigns.


    1. The United Nations (UN)


    1. UN General Assembly
      1. UN Member States
      2. UN Charter
    2. EUR-Lex - European Union Law
    3. GlobaLex - Use to research international and foreign law.
    4. The World Law Guide - "More than 70,000 web links to legal websites in over 180 countries."


    1. World Legal Information Institute
    2. International Court of Justice - main judicial figure of the UN


    1. UNESCO Institute for Statistics
    2. UN Statistics Resource Guide
    3. Global Health Observatory - World Health Organization
    4. EuroStat - European statistics
    5. Comparative Agendas Project - "Comparing policies worldwide"
    6. UN Public Administration Network
    7. ICMA - International City/County Management Association
    8. EIPA - European Institute of Public Administration
    9. Constitute Project - Find any constitution from around the world.
    10. WANGO - World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
    11. Eurobarometer - Public opinion in the EU.

    What are think tanks?

    Think tanks are research institutes focused on researching and advocating specific topics like human rights, public policy, social policy, and much more. Individuals who work in think tanks are experts in these topics. They have master's and doctoral degrees; have many years of experience in government or international affairs; and constantly contribute to these topics. Check out this webpage from Wellesley College (MA) for an Introduction to Think Tanks.

    1. Congressional Research Service Reports
    2. US State Department Policy Issues
    3. Centers & Initiatives - Harvard Kennedy School. Their listing for think tanks.
    4. Think Tank Search - Harvard Kennedy School
    5. NGO Directory - International listing
    6. VoteSmart - National Special Interest Groups
    7. Kettering Foundation
    8. Jamestown Foundation
    9. IACFS (International Association of Centers for Federal Studies)
    10. International IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)
    11. International Affairs Resources - International listing of think tanks.
    12. - Think tank directory
    13. Freedom House - Watchdog
    14. CATO Research and Educational Institutes
    15. Bipartisan Policy Center
    16. Africa Portal
    17. Africa Center for Strategic Studies
    1. JURIST - Legal news and commentary in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh
    2. US Department of Justice
    3. Law Library at the Library of Congress
    1. Pew Research Center - "A nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. They conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research."
    2. Louis Harris Data Center - Access Harris polls dating back to 1958 covering all kinds of topics, like environmental issues, foreign affairs, and crime.
    3. Gallup: Polling Info - A *Non-partisan* global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Find overviews, reports, and more about current issues.
    4. American National Election Studies - Covers election data from 1948-present.
    5. VoteSmart
    6. Open Secrets - Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute on Money under one entity, "following the money in politics."
    7. NORC (National Opinion Research Center) - "NORC helps governments, nonprofits, and businesses make better decisions through data and analysis."
    8. AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research) - "Leading association of public opinion and survey research professionals."
    9. ESS (European Social Survey) - "An academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted across Europe since its establishment in 2001."


    Non-Governmental Organization = NGO

    United Nations = UN

    1. UNESCO NGO Directory - Also has a map.
    2. WANGO - World Association of NGOs
    3. UN NGO Branch
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