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  • Faculty Publications: LaGrange, John

    This is a list of all the publications made by LWC faculty and staff.

    About the faculty member

    Dr. LaGrange is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and serves as the program coordinator for the Department of Mathematics at Lindsey Wilson College.

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    Spectra of Boolean graphs over finite fields of characteristic two
    D.S. Dillery and J.D. LaGrange, 
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 61 (1)  (2020), 58-65.
    Divisor graphs of a commutative ring 
    J.D. LaGrange

    Advances in Commutative Algebra (A. Badawi et al., Eds.)
    Birkhäuser, Singapore, 2019, 217-244.
    Eulerian and Hamiltonian complements of zero-divisor graphs of pseudocomplemented posets
    S. Devhare, V. Joshi, and J.D. LaGrange
    Palest. J. Math., 8(2019), 30-39.