• Faculty Publications: Lambert, Warren

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    Dr. Lambert is an Assistant Professor of Counseling and Human Development at Lindsey Wilson College.

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    Mulder, P. & Lambert, W. (2006). Behavioral health of rural women: Challenges and stressors. In R. Coward, et. al. (Ed.) Rural Women's Health: Mental, Behavioral, and Physical Issues. Springer: New York: NY.

    Sheets, J., & Reilley, S. P., & Lambert. W. (2006). Initial Psychometric Characteristics of the Adult Self Report Scale for University and Community College Students. Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science, 67(1), 63.

    Hill, J., & Reilley, S. P., and Lambert W. (2008). Discriminate validity of the Adult AD/HD Self Report Scale- v1.1 (ASRS-v.1.1) in a College Population. Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science, 69(1), 85.