• Reference Sources Guide: Other Types

    What are the library reference sources? Let's find out!

    What are other types of reference sources?

    Other types of reference sources include, but are not limited to,

    • Directories - A listing of contact information, e.g. a phone book
    • Digests - a summarized collection of works
    • Concordances - A listing of words used by an author in their work and what these words mean
    • Thesauri - Essentially a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms
    • Biographies - Stories about people's lives and work they've done
    • Guides
    • Chronologies - A listing of historical events in the order they happened
    • Handbooks - Usually contains information about policies and procedures, or even instructions for a machine.
    • Miscellaneous examples

    Check out some examples below!

    Examples of Thesauri

    Examples of Guides

    Examples of Chronologies

    Examples of Handbooks

    Miscellaneous Examples