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  • Reference Sources: Other Types

    What are the library reference sources? Let's find out!

    What are other types of reference sources?

    Other types of reference sources include, but are not limited to,

    1. Thesauri - Essentially a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms
    2. Directories - A listing of contact information, e.g. a phone book
    3. Digests - a summarized collection of works
    4. Chronologies - A listing of historical events in the order they happened.
    5. Concordances - A listing of words used by an author in their work and what these words mean.


    Check out some examples of other types of reference sources. Click the links to be directed further down this page.

    Examples of Thesauri

    Examples of Guides

    Examples of Chronologies

    Examples of Handbooks

    Miscellaneous Examples

    Picture Citation

    Unless otherwise stated,

    All pictures in this guide are sourced from

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