• HIST 2233 & 2243 - World Civilization I & II: Primary/Secondary Sources

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    Primary Sources Research Guide

    What are primary sources? (A librarian's perspective)

    Primary sources are basically eyewitness accounts on things that happened in history. These include, but are not limited to, diaries, photographs, video clips, newspaper articles, interviews, and other original copies of various documents.

    What are primary sources? (a historian's perspective)

    Primary sources are things created in the time period being research. 


    Primary sources in the library databases

    These are examples of library databases that contain primary sources.

    Primary sources from external websites

    These are examples of other places where you can find primary sources. Get creative! Use any museum with an online collection.

    What are secondary sources?

    Secondary sources are books, articles, and more written by scholars and other subject matter experts about a time period or event. They used primary sources as the basis for their research.