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    What are academic (scholarly) books?

    Academic (scholarly) books share research about a topic in academia and provide discussion for professors and other professionals in that subject field. They advance the subject field!

    Their main purpose is for academic study and research and, like in these courses, are preferred sources for your homework and projects.

    They are published by either university or academic presses (E.g. University of Kentucky Press).

    Non-academic (non-scholarly) books DO NOT express the level of detail and intellectual rigor found in academic (scholarly) books. The authors are often not academics and do not advance the subject field.

    Rather than advance the subject field, these books' main purpose is often to entertain and casually inform about topics. 

    They are published by commercial publishers (E.g. Penguin books).

    Where can I find academic (scholarly) books in the library?

    Academic (scholarly) books are available in both physical and electronic copies.

    This database is your *best bet* at finding academic (scholarly) books.

    You can also find academic (scholarly) books in the library catalog.

    If you search in the library catalog, make you check the publisher! Remember, academic (scholarly) books are published by university or academic presses. See the example below.


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