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  • Research Help Guide: 1. The Assignment

    Use this guide to help you learn about research and perform research yourself for both academic and leisurely activities.

    Learn about your assignment.

    Get to know your assignment and its rubric.

    • What is the purpose or type of the assignment?
      • Types of assignments include argumentative essays, research papers, biographies, and opinion pieces.
    • What kind of topic(s) does the assignment require?
    • How many pages (or how long) does it need to be?
    • What kind(s) of sources can you use? Do you need to cite sources?
    • How does the assignment need to be formatted? How should it be turned in?
    • When is the assignment's due date?
    • What criteria will your assignment be graded upon?

    If it isn't clear, speak with your instructor or a friend who understands the assignment.

    Lindsey's Writing Center has this guide about figuring out your initial thoughts and ideas.

    Test your understanding

    Can you tell your friend or family member about your assignment without referring to the rubric or syllabus?

    This exercise can help you determine if you have any underlying questions about what you need to do.