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  • Research Help Guide: 5. Plan

    Use this guide to help you learn about research and perform research yourself for both academic and leisurely activities.

    Outline & Organize

    1. As you find sources, make a list and write notes about each one. A good practice would to jot down these notes as quotationsbrief summaries, and paraphrases. Here is a good guide from Lindsey's Writing Center.
    2. Review your notes. Lindsey's Writing Center has this good guide about reviewing your sources.
    3. Determine the "story" you want to tell readers. Write your thesis statement. This is the main point of your assignment. Lindsey's Writing Center has this guide about creating a thesis statement.
    4. Arrange these thoughts into an order that flows with your topic, or tells the story.
    5. Start writing a rough draft!

    *Still unsure on how to summarize an article?* Check out this webpage from Infobase that answers common questions about article summarizations.

    Places to start

    Here are some general databases *that the Lindsey library subscribes to* to help you start your research. They are multidisciplinary, meaning that they cover a whole spectrum of subjects and their interconnected relationships. Take a look at what subtopics piqued your interest and we can expand into other, more specific databases OR enhance your search on these databases.

    Please note you need to log in with your myLWC information before you can access these databases.

    Google Scholar

     Use Google Scholar to help you

    1. Figure out what you want to research, and
    2. Find keywords for that research

    Then use those keywords in our databases to find peer-reviewed articles, newspaper articles, or other reputable sources, depending what you need for your project.

    Google Scholar Search